Pipe Grids

Get the perfect lighting with pipe grids from QSD

A curtain pipe grid is what you need to make your ceiling professional and functional!

Pipe grids are used to hang and rearrange technical equipment and lighting. Plus, they are adaptable making them perfect for theatres, studios and so much more! With over 30 years’ experience in the theatrical and industrial curtain industries, QSD can provide you with both quality materials and the expert service to get you the right track and pipe system for your space!

Pipe Grids from QSD can fit your needs!

QSD can provide customizable solutions for your space. Pipe grids are versatile and work well for low or high ceilings and small or large spaces. You can achieve professional functionality and aesthetic appeal with our pipe grid hardware solutions. A standard pipe grid setup works well for many spaces, but QSD can also customize your pipe grid system to make sure it works best for you and fits your needs!

Even more, uses than you could imagine!

A Pipe grid can be used for more than just lighting and technical applications, or a theatre curtain track system. QSD can provide an industrial curtain grid or a heavy-duty curtain track system for industrial and commercial use. Pipe grids are a great option if you need a functional ceiling that will allow you to hang curtains, lights, equipment or more.

QSD is your pipe grid solution!

QSD has been a trusted leader in stage pipes since 1987. We will consult with you to learn your needs and the layout of the area where you require a curtain system or grid and find you a solution that works within your budget.

At QSD we know our innovation, experience, and quality sets us apart. We will handle your project with care from the beginning right through to the finish. Choose QSD for your projects and you will experience superior customer service every step of the way. Whatever your needs may be, QSD has the solution for you!