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Tumo Curtain Motor

Tumo Curtain Motor System

Tumo Curtain Motor

A medium-duty curtain track motor from QSD that is perfect for home theatres, conference rooms, lecture halls, offices and more. Featuring a low voltage motor line, the tumo curtain motor system comes with a range of flexible features including Smart Touch technology, built-in radio control, and contact closure for integration. These tracks are easy to install on a wall or ceiling, and can simply plug into a normal 110V/120V wall outlet.

Tumo tracks can be curved and reverse curved, spliced and more. Whether you have a standard sheer or a heavy overdrape, Tumo drapery systems give convenience and flexibility at a reasonable cost. For heavier or more custom applications, check out the Classic system.

  • Residential, light commercial/hospitality
  • Xcel, HD or Solar models
  • Single/Tandem Draw (lbs): 60/n/a, 120/240, 45/90
  • Max Width: 37′
  • Curve radius: 18″
  • Colour: White, Bronze, Antique Gold
  • Built-in radio
  • Contact closure
  • Smart touch
  • 24V PS on Standard A/C