Aura Curtain Motor

Classic Curtain Motor

Aura brings an exciting, technologically-advanced addition to our collection of automation solutions. Aura combines the architecturally-designed hardware system and high-capacity performance of the Classic with the simplicity and functionality of the Tumo to deliver an incredible solution for nearly any project.

Aura brings simplicity to the life of both industry professionals and end-users. This system is easy to install, program and operate, and is is built around a super-quiet, 24V DC motor, featuring touch-control operation, internal radio control, electronic limits, slow start, customizable intermediate stop positions and more. With options ranging from remote operation to wireless networking control, Aura is our solution for today’s demands.

  • Large and/or heavy drapes
  • Max Width Single/Tandem: 23’/50′
  • Single/Tandem Draw (lbs): 120@12’/240@24′
  • Curve Radius: 14″
  • Colour: White, Anodized, Dark Bronze, Black
  • Built-in radio
  • Contact closure
  • Smart touch
  • Auto calibration
  • Electronic limits
  • Intermediate stops
  • 24V PS on Standard A/C