Alpha Deck Stage Platform

///Alpha Deck Stage Platform

Alpha Deck is a durable, practical and affordable modular staging system that allows you to create a professional stage of nearly any size quickly and easily. Use Alpha Deck Staging Systems for all kinds of concerts, performances, special events, graduations, meetings, speeches, rallies, banquets, weddings, dances, exhibits, displays, demonstrations and trade shows.

  • Supports heavy weights
  • Choose from 4 different surfaces
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Full range of accessories available

Alpha Deck is rugged and durable – standard 4ft x 4ft decks can support weights up to 2,560 pounds – and is strong enough to support heavy equipment and vehicles. Alpha Deck Staging Systems offer two standard-size modular decks: 4ft x 4ft and 2ft x 4ft. Each deck is made up of a rugged and durable galvanized metal frame and a removable deck insert. Choose from 4 standard deck choices: grey plywood, grey carpet, solid maple or solid oak. Custom surfaces are available. Or for even more customization, choose the unfinished grey plywood and attach or apply your own surface layer for an unlimited range of design possibilities.

  • Galvanized steel frame is strong and durable, Will not rot or erode, Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Leg heights are adjustable from 4″ to 48″
  • Optional rubber feet protect floor
  • Optional drop holes allow you to neatly thread wires and cables
  • Cam lock system secures deck together to form seamless stage
Alpha Deck Frame
Deck Frame
Alpha Deck Adjustable Leg
Adjustable Leg
Alpha Deck Rubber Foot 1
Rubber Foot
Alpha Deck Rubber Foot 2
Rubber Foot
Alpha Deck Platform
Alpha Deck Oak Wood
Oak Wood Deck
Alpha Deck Maple Wood
Maple Wood Deck
Alpha Deck Grey Carpet
Grey Carpet Deck
Alpha Deck Grey Plywood
Grey Plywood Deck
Alpha Deck Drop Hole
Drop Hole
Alpha Deck Ramp
Alpha Deck Stairs
Alpha Deck Skirting
Alpha Deck Guard Rail
Guard Rail
Alpha Deck Pin Tool
Pin Tool
Alpha Deck Wrench
Alpha Deck Assembly 1
Alpha Deck Assembly 2