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Pipe Grid Beam Clamps

///Pipe Grid Beam Clamps

Pipe Grid Beam Clamps

  • Mega-Coupler Beam Clamp

    Mega-Coupler Beam Clamp

    #MBC3T-8M-MLM. Directly supports box truss from an I-Beam

  • Mega-Beam Clamp

    Mega-Beam Clamp

    #MBC3T-88 8″

    • Mega-Beam Clamps have a 3/4″ – 6 Acme L&R threaded self-locking clamping shaft
    • The spring-loaded handle snaps in to lock on steel dowel pins as an added safety factor
    • The connection hole is for chain motor hooks or shackles
    • 8″, 10″, 16″ (DL 6,000 lbs)
    • 24″ (DL 4000)
  • Mega-Clamp Optional Jaws

    Optional Jaws


    • Angled Jaw Set
    • 2″ Jaw Set