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Pipe Grid Airwall Hangers

///Pipe Grid Airwall Hangers

Pipe Grid Airwall Hangers

  • 4 Mega-Airwall Hangers

    4″ Mega-Airwall Hanger


    • Great for cable picks and fixtures
    • DL 500 lbs
  • 7 Mega-Airwall Hangers

    7″ Mega-Airwall Hanger


    • Designed for larger loads
    • DL 750 lbs
  • Swivel Coupler Airwall Hangers

    Swivel Coupler Airwall Hanger

    #MEM4-MLSM. Use to attach pipe to moveable wall

  • Micro Airwall Hangers

    Micro Airwall Hanger

    #TBC. DL 250 lbs