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Change Room Curtain Enclosures

Upgrade your dressing rooms – Make your plain stalls a thing of the past

Drape your clients in an elegant experience. Change rooms retrofitted with custom curtain fronts offer an economical way to revitalize your décor with an open, modern presentation. The softer presentation is more intimate and inviting than hard doors.

Taking it a step further, foregoing walled changing rooms for complete curtain enclosures is an affordable and luxurious solution that works in any space, from upscale flagship stores to thrift shops. Noted fashion retailers – including Aritzia, Zara and H&M – use these to elevate their customers’ buying experience.

They also have the advantage of being installed nearly anywhere, regardless of your store’s architecture. Attach a half-track to a single wall, or suspend a circular track from your ceiling anywhere in your space. You’ll avoid the cost of renovating your space to build change rooms, and you have the flexibility of rearranging your floor layout and change enclosures every season if you wish, keeping your store fresh and responsive to changes in the market.

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Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider upgrading your change rooms to curtain enclosures:

  • Cost-effective: Can be significantly less expensive than building individual change rooms.
  • Private: Curtains offer additional privacy, since the classic changing room is equivalent to a restroom stall, whereas curtains can be floor-to-ceiling.
  • Luxurious: Curtains offer a glamorous look and feel, and can be custom made to complement your store’s æsthetic. Nothing evokes a sense of luxury quite like rich, high-quality fabric.
  • Safe: We know the safety of your clients and staff is paramount. Many of our fabrics are flame-retardant. The same can’t be said of the majority of individual stalls or separately dry-walled rooms.
  • Durable: Less maintenance required – our products are of a superior quality, with no cheap parts and hinges, and are less likely to break. Additionally, curtains tend to be less prone to vandalism than walls or stalls. They simply move out of the way when force is applied.
  • Customizable: Embody your company’s vision with customized colours, fabrics and more. Our experts can design a tailor-made system around spaces of any size and shape.
  • Portable: Want to move locations? Ready to expand? Uninstall the hardware and you can take all of it with you to the new space, while also sparing yourself a second round of up-front renovation costs!
  • Dependable: With QSD, you can feel confident knowing you’re backed by our decades of expertise. In addition to our state-of-the-art products, we offer a full line up of essential services, including custom design, installation, dry-cleaning of curtains, maintenance, repair and inspections.

Those are just a few of the many reasons you should upgrade. Talk to us — we provide free quotes, and are happy to answer all of your questions. Ditch the gas station bathroom stall feel, and roll out the red carpet for the debut of your space’s glamorous new look.