Trade Show Booth Accessories

//Trade Show Booth Accessories
Trade Show Booth Accessories

Trade Show Booth Accessories

QSD’s trade show booth accessories set you apart from the competition with superior fit and finish to your displays. Add those final touches that tell your attendees that you’re at the top of your game.

Table clips: Holds the fabric securely to the table top

Skirt Hangers: Used to keep your skirting in quality shape before and after each event use

Double Back Wall Hangers: Mount on a fixed upright and allow you to attach additional crossbars to the same upright in any direction

Shelf Hangers: Mount onto opposite crossbars and allow you to add a cross bar in the opposite direction to hang items from

Pipe and base covers allow you to mask the industrial look of the hardware with white or black fabric

Pipe and base bags are all handmade and provide easier transport and storage