Base Plates

//Base Plates

Base Plate Assemblies for Trade Show Displays

Base plates are the foundation of the pipe and drape system. It is important that you use the correct base size and weight depending on the fabric being hung from the drape support (crossbar). QSD offers durable base plates that are made with zinc-plated aluminum for rust protection.

8″x14″x3/16″ (6lb) Slip FitStacking slot standard
14″x16″x3/16″ (12lb) Slip FitStacking slot standard
18″x18″x3/16″ (18lb) Slip FitSlots/handles available
18″x18″x3/8″ (35lb) Slip FitSlots/handles available
24″x24″x3/16″ (31lb) Slip FitSlots/handles available
24″x24″x3/8″ (62lb) Slip FitSlots/handles available
11″x11″x3/16″ (6lb) Screw-inScrew in system only
15″x15″x3/16″ (12lb) Screw-inScrew in system only
24″x24″x3/16″ (24lb) Screw-inScrew in system only
Baseplate 2
Baseplate 1
Plate Pin 2
Plate Pin 1
Adjustable Baseplate 3
Adjustable Baseplate 1
Adjustable Baseplate 4
Adjustable Baseplate 2