Hospital curtains reduce stress

Hospital Curtains – The Healing Solution

QSD specializes in robust, long-lasting track systems, and the broadest range of fabrics, textures, patterns, and colours for hospital curtains and partitioning. Everything can be custom manufactured and shipped or installed from our plant.

Becoming a venue of choice

Multiplex Your Gym: Becoming a Venue of Choice

QSD provides the expertise and materials for any space. Multiplex your single-purpose gymnasium into a multi-sport complex, a civic meeting place, an entertainment venue, or a celebration hall. Share your vision with the experts.

Meetings and Events Venue Banner

Multiplex My Gym: In Any Event…

Wouldn’t it be great if gymnasium down time could supplement your school’s working budget? Well it can. QSD has most everything you’ll need to turn your dormant gym into an in-demand meetings and events venue. Theatrical drapery, portable stage platforms, pipe & drape material and hardware. The list goes on from there. With a minimum of set-up, you could go from intramural sports by day, to civic meeting by night. Swap out the squeak of training shoes on hardwood during the week,

Multiplex My Gym - All The Worlds A Stage

Multiplex My Gym: All the World’s a Stage

Pageants, plays and musical performances. Your gym can be transformed for those special presentations that happen throughout the school year. And when the curtain closes, it all packs up and gets put away until the next time. At QSD, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products and materials we carry.

Kids Fitness

Gym Dividers: The Fitness Game

Schools are Stepping Up Their Fitness Game QSD works closely with individual schools and school boards, providing the finest in gymnasium equipment, gym dividers, and multiplexing solutions. In 2005, the Government of Canada launched the Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy. Prompted in large part by rising obesity rates in children, it challenged communities and schools to implement healthy lifestyle education programs. These included federal and provincial support for school-level initiatives to improve physical education facilities. Since then, much has been done to address the

Basketball Tournament

Gym Dividing: Basketball Tournament Time

Fundraising is always an issue in budget-stretched schools Maybe this is the perfect time to transform your gym into a basketball tournament space. After all, tournaments are great fundraising opportunities. Not only will you raise funds for your school with the event itself, there are numerous wrap-around potentials with concessions, merchandise, silent auctions, 50/50 draws, etc. The success of any tournament begins and ends with planning and resources Use custom QSD floor-to-rafters gym dividers to cross-section your full-court gym into multiple

Gym Divider Three On Three

Think Outside the (Players’) Box

The Modern Day Sports Facility: Multi-Sport Training – Not Your Grandad’s Gym When I mention the school gym, what springs to mind? Think back to when you were in school. What are the abiding memories? The squeak of rubber soles on the hardwood? Echoing, urgent voices calling for the ball? Drafty, vaulted spaces? And what about the sports? What games got played? In my case, it seemed like an annual cycle of the same old things: basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, badminton and