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Wash Bay Curtains

Protect Your Work Area with Movable Wash Bay Curtains

QSD Inc specializes in custom industrial curtains for your wash bay or detailing garage. Whether you are in the market for wash bay curtains, auto detailing curtains or shop dividers we will make it specific to your needs.

Wash bay curtains are designed to contain flying mud, water, and debris during the car washing or pressure washing process. These industrial wash bay curtains are ideal for large warehouses where a variety of tasks need to be performed.

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Wash Bay Curtains Are Your Perfect Low Cost Solution

If your work space is a multi-use or transitional it can be costly and inconvenient to construct solid wash bay walls within your warehouse. If separation is necessary to avoid flying debris, water, dust, dirt or other contaminants you want something that keeps these hazards confined to one area, while also allowing for the space to be utilized for different reasons in the future. Retractable wash bay curtains can be assembled with our curtain tracks and hardware to deliver an efficient and affordable solution.

Large open spaces can be better utilized with addition of industrial wash bay curtains. These curtains are, essentially, retractable partitions which effectively create a room within a room.

Wash Bay Curtains for the Automotive Industry

Our wash bay curtains are perfect for car wash and automotive repair. Our tear resistant vinyl is durable and perfect for rugged use. Our car wash curtains help protect other areas of your work space from splashes, spills, grinding dust, and paint over-spray.

Our car wash curtains are available in a variety of colours to perfectly integrate with and match your shop or automotive dealership.

Before choosing your colour and style of wash bay curtain, first consider the intended use of your curtain. If you want to increase safety and allow for a brighter work area, clear panels are ideal. If, however, you plan on using the curtains to also help cover up an unsightly work area solid colours are preferable.

QSD’s high quality wash bay curtains are versatile and low cost in comparison to permanent dividers and walls. The waterproof plastic and vinyl curtains contain everything within one space, while also allowing for supervision from the outside with if you opt for our super clear panels. These industrial wash bay curtains can quickly be pushed out of the way when not needed, freeing up you space for other uses.

Maintenance and Care

Our wash bay curtains are easy to maintain and constructed from durable polyester and vinyl. Industrial wash bay curtains are easy to clean because of the materials they are made from.

To remove dirt and grime, just spray down your wash bay curtain with a hose. For tougher grime, use a mild detergent and rag to wipe them.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Each of our wash bay curtains can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business. Here are the standard features and options for a QSD wash bay curtain:

  • Fabric consists of polyester reinforced & tear resistant vinyl – 14 oz and 18 oz are available
  • Nylon reinforced heading, double stitched.
  • Pipe pocket top heading or web with grommets 12” o/c
  • Bottom pipe pocket or chain weighted pocket
  • Double folded, double stitched with side and bottom hems
  • Brass or stainless steel grommets in nylon web to help prevent tear out.
  • Curtain can be fully constructed with super clear or can have super clear panels.
  • Curtains can be single or multi-coloured.

Curtain Fabric

  • 19oz. Vinyl Coated Fabric
  • Inherently Flame Resistant
  • Washable
  • Mildew and Rot Resistant
  • Ultraviolet Resistant
  • 1975mm (62″) Wide
  • Tensile-grab-lbs. 290 x 290
  • Tear Strength – Tonnage-lbs 110 x 110
  • Trapezoid Team-lbs 80 x 60
  • Adhesion – 35 lbs per inch
  • Mullens Burst – over 300 psi
  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Beige


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Black


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Blue


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Brown


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Burgundy


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Fluorescent Orange

    Fluorescent Orange

  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Green


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Grey


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Orange


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Red


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric White


  • Wash Bay Curtain Fabric Yellow


QSD is the Industry Leader

QSD’s industrial curtains set the bar for quality and durability. As a leading manufacturer since 1987, we relentlessly innovate and perfect our curtains. We put care and confidence in our industrial wash bay curtains, because we want you to feel confident in choosing us as your industrial curtain provider.

Our team is always ready to provide you with customer service that goes above and beyond. If you need help with customization or have any questions, please contact us at any time.