Endurocide® Untreated Disposable Hospital Curtains

//Endurocide® Untreated Disposable Hospital Curtains

An economical alternative to traditional cotton/polyester curtains


These low cost, hygienic hospital curtains are perfect for use in low risk or high patient turn over areas.

Endurocide disposable curtains are very versatile for single use in isolation wards other long-time continued use in general and intensive care wards. They are no-hassle, lightweight and east to fit or replace. Not only are they fitted with easy to read labels showing the date of installation but they also include “do not enter” sign to maintain privacy. Fitted tie backs make them easy to secure when not in use and save on laundry costs because you can easily dispose and replace.

  • Isolation wards
  • Accident and emergency
  • General wards
  • Day wards
  • General practice wards
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rheumatology

When choosing the type of hook you order with your curtain, it’s important that you order the correct size to fit your railing – and with so many types of railings available worldwide, this is sometimes easier said than done!

  • Eyelets only: for use with customer’s own hanging systems, ie no hooks supplied
  • Quick-fit hook: one-piece hook, pre-fitted onto curtains, allows quick and easy fitting onto track
  • U-type hook:hooks designed to fit on existing U-type track systems
  • Large-top: similar to our Quick-Fit hook but with a larger head to fit wider channels
  • Wheeled hook: includes integral wheels for smoother movement in the track (two widths available)
  • Metal wide wheeled hook: similar to the wide-wheeled hook but with a metal axle pin
  • Fitted with tiebacks
  • Self-auditing & privacy labels
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight
  • No track conversion
  • No laundry costs
  • Fire retardant*

*Meets international standards NFPA 701, AS 2755.2-1985, and BS 5867 Part 2 Types B & C 2008

Beyond their proven clinical benefit, QSD has multiple colours, patterns and finishes to suit any interior design need. And you don’t need to replace your track installations. Remove your existing curtains, and hang up our Endurocide® disposable curtains.

Regular Longdrop

Standard and Longdrop
100% polypropylene, for suspended and ceiling-fixed rails


With NFPA 13-compliant mesh, for ceiling-fixed rails

Colour Grey


Colour Latte


Colour Lilac


Colour Medical Blue

Medical Blue

Colour Pastel Green

Pastel Green

Colour Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow

Colour Teal


Colour Pastel Blue

Pastel Blue

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Untreated Standard Curtain

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Low cost, Untreated Disposable hospital curtains, Endurocide Curtains are perfect for use in low risk or high patient turn over areas.

All variations are 2.0m in height.

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 24 in

5.5m, 7.5m


Single, Box


Pastel Green, Pastel Blue