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Backstop Winch

Winch in a Pinch

QSD carries the Tork Winch product line – the ideal replacement winches for basketball backstops, lighting bars and gym dividers. Tork Winches are compact, lightweight and easy to install, giving years of reliable performance.

Service Maintenance Sustainability

Maintain & Sustain

Curtains and gym equipment require maintenance to preserve quality and lengthen lifespan. QSD provides premium curtain service & maintenance. We highly recommend one of our regular service plans to prevent issues, minimize wear and tear, and extend the life of your equipment.

Meetings and Events Venue Banner

Multiplex My Gym: In Any Event…

Your gym can be transformed using customizable theatre curtains, stage platforms, lighting grids, bleachers and much more! Why have just a gym when you can have it all? And when the curtain closes, it all packs up and gets put away until the next time.

Multiplex My Gym - All The Worlds A Stage

Multiplex My Gym: All the World’s a Stage

Pageants, plays and musical performances. Your gym can be transformed for those special presentations that happen throughout the school year. And when the curtain closes, it all packs up and gets put away until the next time. At QSD, we pride ourselves on the quality

Kids Fitness

Gym Dividers: The Fitness Game

We works closely with schools and school boards, providing the finest in gymnasium equipment, dividers, and multiplexing solutions. Rising obesity rates in children have challenged communities and schools to implement healthy lifestyle education programs. Great news: in many provinces funding is available for facilities upgrading!