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Introducing the 2020 BBB (Build Back Better) program with QSD Health and Endurocide curtains. As we move in(to) the second wave, healthcare facilities have time to recalibrate their fight in providing the safest facilities during unprecedented struggles to treat the Coronavirus. Laundering curtains has been a major factor in keeping rooms and patients free of contamination, in fact, hospital curtains can be compromised within hours of being freshly laundered and rehung. This is why Endurocide Hybrid Technology frees the valuable time it takes to ensure the facilities are ready for new admissions. As face masks keep us safe, so too do Endurocide Hybrid Curtains, killing HAI’s on contact, while doing so at half the cost of traditional privacy curtains and remaining so without laundering!


The 2020 BBB program wants to show your health care institution that we are willing to prove our effectiveness, convenience and savings in both time and money. We will outfit a room or area as a way to measure the abilities of the product, with no obligations other than feedback from your experience. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to get you started.

Restrictions apply, however we stand behind our product 100%, we are proud to supply North America with this state of the art product, good for our health, providers and our Earth.

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